General Spanish Course

At Easy Spanish Online, we use a communicative methodology for being the most effective way to start speaking real life Spanish. We follow our communicative approach from the level you currently have. We use real learning material during our lessons.

Our comprehensive training program offers teachers of all backgrounds and skills and we assure that you will learn without fear or embarrassment.

Exams Preparation

Prepare with us for any official or non-official exam you need to take, from those offered by Cervantes Institute like DELE and SIELE to those based on English International Curriculum such as IGCSE and IB.

The knowledge and experience of our teachers allow our students to develope all the skills they need to achieve great results in any Spanish exam.

Spanish for specificic purposes

Take our Spanish courses for specific fields. From medicine, law, tourism or any other particular purpose you may need to focus in.

Our teachers from many different backgrounds and the use of very specific and usefull resources for your particular field will make you quickly progress.

Also intensive courses are available.

Spanish Lessons for companies B2B

Contact directly to inform you about our personalized courses to improve your team’s Spanish skills.

We test your employees to determine their current Spanish level and from there we can start to build up.

Book a Free Trial Session and let us know your needs.

Spanish Conversation Lessons

At Easy Spanish Online you can practice your Spanish by tailor-made lessons, you will improve your listening and oral skill while learning new vocabulary and you will get to a level where you can use it in real life situations